Good Luck to the Vocational Skills Students

Yesterday was an exciting day for 30 young people from Zvandiri’s Vocational Skills Training Programme! They started their training courses at Harare Polytechnic and they are SO excited. This one year programme is made possible by Swiss AIDS Care International the generosity of private donors in Switzerland. The students receive entrepreneurial training from Junior Achievement, IT Training in a vocational skill and mentoring as they establish their own businesses. This is the second year of the programme. The 30 students from last year are now hard at work with their new businesses and establishing client bases in their chosen fields such as graphic design, catering, hair and beauty.

Mike is 21 years old. He was asked how he feels about starting a training course at the Polytechnic. He said…”Can’t you see it written all over my face? Who would have thought that I of all people would be coming here to study at Harare Polytechnic? I did not do well at school. I had no hope for my future. How was I going to support myself and my family? But here today, now I have hope

Good Luck to all the students and a big thank you to Swiss AIDS Care International!



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