Programmes: Zvandiri House and the Zvandiri Centres

Zvandiri CentresZvandiri House & The Zvandiri Centres

Africaid has been running Zvandiri House Training and Support Centre in Avondale, Harare since 2005. This is a drop-in centre where HIV positive children, adolescents, young people and their caregivers come for information, counselling, clinical assessments and sexual reproductive health services. Life skills training programmes are run here for children, adolescents and young people from across Harare and young people come to use the library and Information Technology lab where they are trained in IT skills. It is a very busy place with each room being filled with young people running their own training workshops, counselling sessions, IT trainings, creative arts programmes, team meetings and innovative programmes (U-Report).

In 2012, we were extremely fortunate to receive funding from the Child Protection Fund in Zimbabwe which allowed the scale up of the Zvandiri House approach within clinics across Harare. Together with funding from Maruva Trust, we have been able to turn these cabins in to something spectacular! The centers are established at  Newlands Clinic, Rutsanana Clinic, Wilkins Hospital and Mabvuku Polyclinic and are manned by Zvandiri peer counsellors. Wilkins is already assisting adolescents and young people on a daily basis whom are attending the OI clinic. This is a really exciting development in Zvandiri’s journey and we are extremely grateful to Harare City Health Department for their support and for making us so welcome!