COVID19 has brought significant changes for all of us, across Zimbabwe and beyond. Our work at Zvandiri supporting children and young people affected by HIV goes on despite the challenges. The work we do remains critical to keeping all our young people safe and healthy, so we have made some important changes to ensure that our staff and CATS are able to continue to offer support but are also have the resources they need to take care of themselves as well as others.

We will continue to support 45,000 young people in across the country in partnership with Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care, health providers and with our partners worldwide.

We would like to thank everyone who is working on the frontline to treat and care for people affected by COVID-19 and to all others keeping us safe and making sure we have the things we need to stay healthy.

COVID-19 Resources

To support children and young people, CATS, partners and friends worldwide we have worked with and produced some resources for young people to understand COVID 19 and how it might affect them.

Meet Fatima

Meet Fatima from Zvandiri in Zimbabwe. She is here to talk to children and young people about COVID-19 and how to look after themselves and each other. Zvandiri and Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care produced this video as we know that young people are worried about COVID-19 and need messages that are clear and positive.

Fatima from Zvandiri in Zimbabwe talks about living with HIV and how COVID19 is affecting her treatment and visits to the clinic. Zvandiri and the Ministry of Health and Child Care produced this video to encourage young people living with HIV to continue to take their medication regularly and attend their clinic appointments for resupply and for checks despite the impact of COVID19.

You can also view this video in other languages on our YouTube Channel:

- Sikhuluma nge COVID-19, HIV lama ARVs (Link opens in YouTube)

- Kutaura nezve COVID-19, HIV nema ARVs (Link opens in YouTube)

If you would like to share the messages from the animation, please download the COMICs below in your desired language and format:

Fatima Talks About COVID-19

Talking about COVID-19, HIV and ARVs

We will  be updating this page and the resources we have to share so please check back soon.

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