Adolescents friendly health services in all facilities

Differentiated Service Delivery for adolescents

Ministry to Ministry collaboration and sharing


Contextual adaptation or adoption of CATS peer led model

Meaningful engagement of adolescents and young people at all level


Africaid Zvandiri collaborates with The World Health Organization, Ministries of Health, implementing partners, donors and key stakeholders in an effort to build south-south bridges, share experiences and layer best practices to provide adolescent friendly health services, save lives and contribute towards ending the HIV pandemic. The aforementioned groups focus on reviewing country specific status of adolescent HIV services; receiving and incorporating technical updates from WHO on differential services for adolescent living with HIV; sharing experiences and Zvandiri best practices; and finally developing national collaboration to accelerate HIV services. 

Regional Work



  • Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) began a peer mentor programme to support children, adolescents and young people living with HIV

  • 2015 Africaid co-trained peer mentors on adherence and disclosure

  • 2019 Africaid conducted a site visit to 30 peer mentors and peer educators to see the incredible care and support being provided

  • IHVN and Africaid to continue collaboration moving forward

  • Read more about IHVN 



  • Consultation regarding future partnership, following the WHO TWG meeting in 2018



  • South to south sharing site visit in November 2018 

  • Tripartite agreement developed with Ministry of Health and Social Services-CDC-Africaid to guide adoption of Zvandiri in two sites within Namibia

  • Implementation scheduled to start end of 2019



  • Learning and sharing site visit by Dream Village and Ministry of            Health, Rwanda to Zimbabwe in February 2018

  • Memorandum of Understanding developed with Dream Village  

  • Training of 20 CATS in 10 facilities completed in June 2019

  • New drive to reduce new infection, stigma and discrimination                among young adults and youth living with HIV.  Click here to read more

  • Learn more about Dream Village.

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  • Technical assistance to the MoH in the adaption of Zvandiri in to the YAPS programme.

  • Training of Trainers for YAPS in partnership with MoHCC.



  • Consultation regarding future partnership following the WHO TWG meeting in 2018.



  • Consultation regarding future partnership following the WHO TWG meeting in 2018.



  • South to South learning and sharing during WHO working group meeting in March 2019.

  • Ghana Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF planned visit in September 2019 to Zimbabwe to see the CATS programme 

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  • Training and mentorship for Implementing partners (IPs) and Health Care Workers (HCWs)

  • 48 CATS providing differentiated service delivery for 292 adolescents and young people living with HIV (AYPLHIV).


  • Sharing of Zvandiri at the MoH-WHO paediatric and adolescent Technical Working Group meeting.


  • Training and mentorship for IPs and HCWs

  • 33 CATS providing differentiated service delivery for 2378 AYPLHIV.

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