• Africaid Zvandiri Team

Omalayitsha aiding in the transportation of ART to Botswana

In Bulilima district, there is a facility named Hingwe clinic which is located 10 kilometres away from the Maitengwe Border post with neighbouring Botswana. The close proximity to the border has seen people of all ages migrating to this country. Part of these people who are migrating to Botswana are living with HIV and the surest outcome will be that they will either remain undocumented in their host country or cannot access ART in Botswana. Due to lack of money to cover their transport costs to return to Zimbabwe for their quarterly ART medicines resupply, most of these people end up defaulting on their medications.

CATS explaining adherence using the Our Story game

In order to assist her HIV positive sister and other relatives who have crossed the border to Botswana, a CATS member at Hingwe clinic is part of a group of people who travel to Botswana with ART medicines. This intervention has helped in curbing the growing numbers of HIV positive clients defaulting by leading them back to care and this in turn has led the CATS and nurses to track their clients, notify them when they are due for a viral load test and ensure they have access to ART. As for clients within the cohort that the Zvandiri programme caters for, utilization of the M-health platforms namely WhatsApp by the CATS, has proven fruitful as the CATS are able to send adherence reminders, provide basic health information and hold counselling sessions over the phone.


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